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Pet Sitting Services

New Clients:

If we've never worked together before let's set up a free meet and greet and get acquainted before you leave to make sure it's the right fit for everyone. We can use this time to go over pet care instructions and get the key. Click here to schedule a free meet and greet.

When you're ready to book pet sitting services click this link and fill out The Reservation Form. Your personal information is never sold to a third party. It is for in-house use only and helps me better serve you. It lets me know your dates of service, how to contact you, your emergency contact etc. It also lets you lets you list your pets, their care instructions, and veterinarian information in case of an emergency. This will take a few minutes so, to save some time, you may want to have your pet's information handy to gather microchip numbers and veterinarian phone numbers etc.

Existing Clients:
If we've done business before, (thank you) you probably already have a form on file. If you saved the email with your previous pet sitting agreement, just click on the links in that email to edit and resubmit your form for a future pet sitting requests. No need to re-enter your name, address, phone #'s. Just change the dates of service, additional info about your itinerary, and resubmit the original form.

You can also simply send a direct email or text to the text only # (this number is private and is provided only to clientele). Include your dates of service and general information about your needs and I'll make sure you're to get you on my calendar.

*In order to serve you better, do not text your reservations to 805-479-7487.  If I should ever lose, break, or need to restore my phone to its default settings, I lose all text messaging (it’s happened once before and thats one time too many). I would hate to lose your message, so please email requests or text them to the text only # (this number is private and is provided only to clientele). This way I can always retrieve your messages from any device.

Feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you.

How to Make a Reservation*