Are you ready to book pet sitting services? Great!

  • Call us 805-479-7487 or

  • Send us an email via our secure contact form
  • Read the FAQ page  and the README page for information about how our pet sitting service works.

How to make future reservations :-)

  1. Call us, send an email, or a text*
  2. We will follow up via email with your dates of service and total amount due.
  3. Reply back to that email to confirm, and/or to make corrections, or make changes to your dates of service.

*Notice: Voice mail and text messages are not a guarantee of service. Voicemail and text messages are stored on the phone. If the phone is lost, damaged, or restored to its default settings, all messages are lost forever. Email is stored on a server far, far away and can be retrieved from any device. Email is the preferred method of confirming pet sitting services.

How to Make a Reservation

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