Pet Sitting Services

How to make a reservation if you're a new client:

  • Call 805 . 479 . 7487 to check for availability and to ask questions about our pet sitting services before you make a reservation. This phone call or face time meeting gives us the opportunity to make sure it's the right fit for you and your pets. Or you can send an email.

  • Before you make a reservation to book pet sitting services we'll need to make an appointment to come to your home and go over pet sitting instructions before you leave. Two weeks notice is appreciated.

  • There is $15 charge to schedule an appointment to come over and go over pet sitting instructions. This small fee covers our expenses for time and travel and up to 30 minutes of time to go over your pet's care requirements, feeding instructions, veterinary care, get the key etc., and make sure we have the right dates on our calendars for you and your pets, and other various pet sitting responsibilities.
  • +$5 for each additional 15 minutes if you need more time than allotted.

  • New clients are asked to fill out the Client Info Form before pet sitting services begin. It has information we need to better serve you and your pets, plus it's our contract and gives us permission to enter your home and care for your pets.

How to make future reservations:

  • Once we've met and you've already filled out the Client Info Form simply send an email for a future request for pet sitting services.

Please Do Not Text Your Requests

  • Do not text your request for pet sitting services.
  • Text messages are not reliable.
  • Text messages are lost forever if the device is misplaced, damaged, or needs to be restored to its default settings
  • Email is stored on a server and can be retrieved from any device.
  • Please... Do not text your reservation requests. We'd hate to lose a message from you.

Feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you.

How to Make a Reservation

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