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Pet Sitting Services

​​Pet Sitting Services in Ventura, CA

*Restrictions and Additional Charges May Apply

Our rates are calculated only for Ventura, CA

Zip Codes: 93001, 93003, and 93004.

The $15 per trip charge for time and travel to each pet sitting assignment is included in our per visit rates on the left.

Additional charges may apply...

+$5 for each additional 15 minute increments of time spent per visit
+$10 minimum per visit when services are requested outside of Ventura for time and travel expenses (10 mile maximum).
+$10 minimum if your pet requires transportation (within a 10 mile radius from your home)
+$1 per mile past the first 10 miles if your pet requires pet transportation
+$5 per 15 minute increments of time if you want me to wait with your pet while it's at the vet's office (most vet's want someone to wait there while they examine an animal).
+$10 minimum charge for Errand Services if your pet runs out of supplies. Willing to shop within a 5 mile radius from your home.
+$10  minimum charge to come back and pick up the key if it is not provided at the meet and greet and/or when it is returned to you after pet sitting services have been completed. To avoid this fee you can mail it or drop it off at our office. Call to get the address. If you're not already doing so, you may want to let us hold onto your key so we can be available with shorter notice.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Free New Client Meet & Greet

I know how important it is to meet the person who will be taking care of two of the most important things in your life. Your pets and your home. If we haven't worked together before let's schedule a free meet and greet before you leave. This visit lets us meet and get acquainted and lets you ask questions about my pet sitting service. It also give me the opportunity to make sure I can do the job to the best of my abilities and pick up the key.

Fill out the secure form on the right to schedule a free meet and greet.

Pet Sitting Visits Include
Personal attention and human companionship for your pets. Fresh food and water, pet waste* cleanup and disposal, and a text message during each visit. Pet sitting services also include Home and Garden care. Services can be customized to meet your individual needs.

*Pet waste cleanup is limited to scooping the cat's litter box and/or scooping the yard with owner provided cat scoop and/or pooper scooper, pet waste disposal bags, and container to put the waste into. Access to soap and water is appreciated.

Pet Sitting Service Areas

Our pet sitting rates are calculated for zip codes 93001, 93003, and 93004 in Ventura, CA and include the cost for time and travel to come to your home. Rates are subject to change at anytime with or without notice. Some restrictions and additional charges may apply.*

GPS Check-in Technology

Wifi is required if you want us to send you GPS pings. Without internet connectivity we cannot guarantee this service. Please consider writing down your network name and password in your pet sitting notes. It will assure you we are at your home caring for your precious pets. 

Home & Garden Care

Home and garden care includes watering plants, bringing in the mail and newspaper, adjusting curtains or blinds, and adjusting lights. We also arrive in an unmarked car and don't wear company teeshirts. These small tasks keep up the continuity of someone being home and may be a deterrent to crime.

Basic Visit (1-2 cats)

$20 p/visit (cash) or $20.60 p/visit (credit card)

  • This pet sitting visit is designed for 1-2 independent cats, fish, small reptile, small bird, or pocket pet okay. Up to 20 minutes per visit. Have more pets? Need more time? Try the Standard service.

Standard Visit (1-3 pets) 

$25 p/visit (cash) or $25.75 p/visit (credit card)

  • This pet sitting visit is designed for 1-3 small pets, cats and small dogs, that need more time and enjoy human companionship. Fish, small reptiles, small birds, and pocket pets okay. Up to 30 min. per visit. Have more pets? Need more time? Try the Deluxe service.

Deluxe Visit (1-4 pets)

$30 p/visit (cash) or $30.90 p/visit (credit card)

  • This pet sitting visit is for 1-4 pets, cats and small dogs** that need more time and enjoy human companionship (fish, small reptile, bird, and/or pocket pets okay). This visit includes Home and Garden care and pet waste removal. Up to 50 minutes per visit.
  • $3 for each additional cat (or other small animal)
  • $5 for each additional dog. 

Dog walking is no longer provided. We specialize in cats and other small animals that do not need walking. If you have a small dog that doesn't need a walk we welcome the opportunity.

*Animal waste cleanup and disposal means scooping the litter box and scoop the poop in the back yard (with a pooper-scooper) that the pet makes while we are on duty or an additional charge may apply to clean up waste that wasn't presented during our pet sitting agreement. Pet owner must provide the tools necessary to cleanup their pet's waste.

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