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Jim H.
Ventura, CA
[5.0 star rating]
I needed my cat fed and checked on last minute notice.  ,no problem YPN came by that day fed my cat the next day. Also picked up my mail. Worry free vacation, thanks to YPN.   Jim H.

Melody S.
Chatham, IL
[5.0 star rating]
I trust Julie. Yelp is making me write more but seriously isn't finding someone you trust the most important thing?

Dirk B.
Ventura, CA
[5.0 star rating]
5/29/2017   Updated review
Julie has been our pet nanny now for several years. We find her reliable, trustworthy, and very affectionate towards out kitty Chance. We feel comfortable leaving not only our Chance in Julies care but also our home. We  get daily communications and updates from Julie regarding Chance when we are away. And upon our return from our travels we find our Chance as well as our home our home  well taken care of. Thank you so much for all you do Julie.

Shawntelle M.

Ventura, CA
[5.0 star rating]
Great service for a great price. Very trustworthy and I highly recommend.

Shelli K.
Ventura, CA
[5.0 star rating]
We "Cerritos, Bubbi and Newt the betta fish" have been cared for by Miss Julie for 8 years now. We cannot believe we have never thought to Yelp review her! She has traveled to 3 residences to see us; silverstrand, Oxnard shores & now Ventura. An excellent communicator, photographer and all around dynamic lady, we absolute adore her. It's been fun watching her business grow! PS she gladly waters plants, carries in packages, checks the mailbox, etc, etc...

Sherry M.
Ventura, CA

[5.0 star rating]
Julie is the best!! I don't customarily write reviews, but for Your Pet's Nanny, I'm making an exception. This was the first time I used a pet sitting service because my daughter brought her cat up from L.A. to stay at my home while we both went out of the area for Thanksgiving. Julie and I had a "meet and greet" at my place in advance so she could pick up the keys and discuss what services we wanted. 

While we were out of town, Julie sent a 'ping' to my cell phone so I knew when she arrived, along with a video of her brushing one very happy cat! We could rest assured knowing all was well. Julie's very thorough and you feel that she really cares. I wouldn't hesitate to call her again when I need her pet sitting service.

P.S. she's also a really nice person ;-)

Karen R.
Ventura, CA
[5.0 star rating]
Julie (Your Pet's Nanny) has been the caretaker for my two cats for the past several years.  Her service has always been excellent and I rest easy when traveling knowing my kitties are in the best of care.  During my most recent trip Julie went above and beyond the call of duty.  She checked our garage and discovered that our water heater was leaking (well flooding actually) onto the garage floor.  She called me to let me know, and then took the time to go to my neighbor and get assistance to make sure the water, gas, and re-circulating pump were turned off to avoid damage.  Even though she had several visits to make to other pet owners, she made sure our house was safe and in good hands before she left.  As a result, we were able to enjoy the last few days of our vacation without worry.  I would highly recommend Julie to take care of your pets and to also keep a watchful eye on your home as well.  She offers service beyond pet care - she also checks your home for potential plumbing problems, takes in the mail each day, and will water plants if you request the service.  Julie is awesome!!!

Becki, S
Oxnard, CA
[5.0 star rating]
I had a last minute trip and being new to town, had no one to watch over my pups. In a bit of a frenzy, I called about 6 petsitters I found on yelp. Not only did Julie respond, but was willing and able to help me out in my bind. Her schedule was tight, but she was all about making it work. My dogs absolutely loved her and I will be using her services for all my petsitting needs! I should mention that only ONE other petsitting service even RETURNED my call. So not only is yourpetsnanny reliable, dogs love her and she treats them soooo well! Highly recommended!

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