Pet Sitting Services

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Your Pet's Nanny!

We're celebrating our 20th year in business :)

When you have to travel and don't want the hassle and stress of putting your pets in a kennel, let us come and take care of them in their own home, where they feel safe and secure.  In-your-home pet sitting is a great alternative for independent pets that don't board well.  We also offer overnight house sitting services for animals that need more human companionship, time, and attention to their special needs.

We don't charge per pet; we charge for our time.  We have 20 minute visits, 30, 45, and hour long visits.  The more animals you may have, the more time would be required to care for them. You decide how many visits per day and how much time you want us to spend pet sitting or house sitting. Let us know how we may customize our pet and house sitting services for you.

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Welcome!  We make house calls. In-your-home professional pet sitting services in Ventura, Oxnard, and surrounding areas since 1996. Licensed, bonded, insured.