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Celebrating 20 years in business :) Specializing in cats and other small animals.

Providing in-your-home professional pet sitting services in Ventura, CA since 1996.
Licensed | Bonded | Insured - Member NAPPS
 National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Don't expose your pets to the stress and anxiety of being taken away from home and put in a cage or an unfamiliar environment. In-your-home pet sitting is a great alternative for independent pets. Let your pets stay at home, where they feel safe and secure. They can eat from their own bowls and sleep in their own beds. Plus, your pets are not exposed to other animals that may be aggressive, ill, or diseased. Regular visits to your home may be a deterrent to crime. I've stayed in business for 20 years by offering reliable, high-quality service. I have "A" reviews on Angie's List and passed their criminal background check. Over thirty seven 5 star reviews on Yelp and local references are available upon request.

Thank you for letting me be Your Pet's Nanny!

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